Manual ssrs subscriptions - jason selburgs guide

  • hi

    i am trying to follow the below article

    which looks exactly what i require for sql 2005 std, as i need to pass a parameter to a report and email to the appropriate people.

    but when i execute the sp, i get the below error, which i have no clue on how to fix,any one any ideas for me?


    Job 'DD1C75F3-2CD5-43A7-97B5-C01DAB758EEB' started successfully.

    Msg 7135, Level 16, State 2, Procedure data_driven_subscription, Line 204

    Deletion length 2 is not in the range of available text, ntext, or image data.

    The statement has been terminated.

  • what i pass to the sp

    exec data_driven_subscription

    @scheduleID ='DD1C75F3-2CD5-43A7-97B5-C01DAB758EEB',

    @emailTO = '',

    @emailCC = '',

    @emailBCC = '',

    @emailReplyTO = '',

    @emailBODY = 'hello ',

    @param1 = '25'

  • Double check your base subscription in the UI. You must have missed something syntactically. If I remember correctly, these errors were usually caused by typos but regardless, they almost ALWAYS require you to delete the base job and recreate it.

    Try adding some print statements here and there to help debug.

    that's about all I can think of after 9 years. 😛


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  • no probs Jason, i was being optimistic!

    have double checked, and everything matches up, ill just have to do a bit more playing about with it !



  • actually i did make a mistake 🙂

    i had assigned the parameter in the report as @param instead of using |P1|

    now works a treat jason , brilliant article!



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