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    So I setup the Management Data Warehouse on a performance testing environment for our company. My first time using this report warehouse.

    I got it all configured and the 5 jobs for collecting and uploading data are executing successfully.

    The Disk Usage report is accurate in that it shows the databases and sizes, etc.

    However the other two reports for Query Stats and Server Activity are completely blank. No errors. Just not data either.

    The QA tests tell me there are hitting on this Performance Test environment and they expect data should be there. But there is nothing.

    Any ideas on what I should be looking at now to get the SQL Server activity to show up in the MDW reports?

    Thanks in advance.

  • spaghettidba

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    First of all, check whether the collect and upload jobs are working fine.

    Then, check if any data is available in the MDW database. Check the core.snapshots_internal table in particular (you have the snapshot_time column there to check when data was last uploaded. Warning: it's UTC time).

    Check also the core.source_info_internal table: it contains the registrations of the data sources for each server and each package. Check if you find your server name here.

    If you're running on a clustered instance, don't use a proxy account for the data collection jobs, otherwise all data will be uploaded using the cluster node names and not the virtual server names (yes, it's a bug).

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