Making SSIS Connections Dynamic - SQL School Video

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  • You are inspiring me to develop something .....

  • Brian,

    Our development group currently uses this same method to dynamically assign connections as well. What I am curious about is that you stated it was better to assign the dynamic values to the database and server values rather than the connection string. Could you elaborate further? In our environment we have been assigning the dynamic value to the connection string and I am wondering if by doing that is that the source of the problems we seem to have when promoting SSIS packages to our production environment and the server names are different.

  • Thanks for the presentation. I use variables in stead of a connectionstring myself for a while. The reason is that it makes it easy to switch between test and production server. I even added a small script as a first step to my package. When this step fails, I know I made a mistake in the server name.

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