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  • jay.jose

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    Hi all,

    I've been searching and trying, but how can i make a part of string in the textbox bold?

    e.g. i have the expression ="NAME: " & Fields!StaffName.Value in a textbox, i want it to be rendered as NAME: Some Name

    Is it possible?

    Thanks in advance

  • Lowell

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    no; you can change the color of the text in the textbox, but not format PART of it's value, as far as i know.

    you could put bold text before the value, and leave the textbox as normal.


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  • DaveInIowa

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    You have a couple options for doing this in SSRS 2008, both involving Placeholders.

    Option 1:

    Type in "Name: " and set the TextBox FontWeight property to Bold.

    To the right of "Name: ", right-click and select Create Placeholder ...

    Set the Placeholder Properties > General > Value to your StaffName field.

    Change the Placeholder Properties > Font to un-Bolded.

    Option 2:

    Place the TextBox into edit-mode (blinking cursor).

    Right-click and select Create Placeholder ...

    For General > Value, type

    ="<B>Name: </B>" & Fields!StaffName.Value

    For General > Markup type, select HTML - Interpret HTML tags as styles

    Edit: The parser was messing up the less-than and greater-than symbols.

  • becklery

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    I do not think you can realize it in SRSS.

    However, I hava an idea. Maybe you can split this string into two cells, and make the NAME cell bold.

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