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  • We have Veritas' Backupexec running in our Enterprise and the Veritas Install actually installs MS SQL Server MSDN on each Server in the Enterprise.

    It looks like it also sets up a default Maintenance plan within each of the MSDN Instances.

    I guess my question is.. Can I manage the Maintenance Plans on these MSDN Instances via the SQL Server EM GUI from my desktop?? Seems like when I look at the Maintenance plans alot of the options are greyed out or not available. What I am trying to do is modify one of the maintenance plans to have the backups deleted after one week (One of the Instances has been running a complete backup on the Backupexec Databases for a year and there are a years worth of backups on the Server) but the option to "remove files older than" is 'greyed out' ??????

  • Are you talking about MSDE? Yes, you can manage MSDE instances from your desktop. I have about 20 of them I manage. You just have to register them in EM.

    It looks like you may have a permissions issue with the instances that have the options greyed out. Do you have System Administrator privileges in SQL Server on all of these MSDE servers?

  • yes, I am using sa which has sysadmin across the board on both.  That is what is so confusing to me.

  • Make sure that you are the in the admins group for the server and register in EM with mixed mode authentication.

    Also check to see if it using the default TCP port 1433.

    When you apply service packs (eg the upcoming SP4) make sure you apply it to the MSDE instance as well

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