maintenance plan failed - job success

  • I have a SQL 2005 SP3 Ent 64bit on Win 2003 R2 Ent 64bit SP2, we have setup a maintenance plan that is backing up the transaction log of all our user databases, about 200. The maintenance plan failed because two of the dbs were in Simple mode, but the job allways reported success.

    Have anybody experienced this?

  • what i can think of is there is a setting in the job. If job step fails, go to next step. just check that out to be sure...

    Pradeep Singh

  • You are right, thanks.

    It looks like by default the maintenance plans steps are join by "on completion", not by "on success".

    I found a doc

    that imply that the normal behaviour should be when Maintenance Plan failes the job is failing, which I didn't cross my mind that might not be that way.

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