Maintenance clean-up task completing, but giving Error: 18204,Severity: 16, State: 1

  • I have a maintenance plan that runs a cleanup task on the local server to delete all transaction files older than 4 days. As the backups are run hourly for 25 databases and this maintenance task runs daily, this results in 600 files being deleted. Although the deletions occur successfully I receive numerous "Error: 18204,Severity: 16, State: 1" messages in the event log, stating: "BackupDiskFile::OpenMedia: Backup device 'K:\PATH\filename.trn' failed to open. Operationg system error 2(error not found)." I am running 2005 Standard Edition, SP3, 9.00.4035.00

  • please check maintenance plan job log..

    u can find that in LOG folder in MSSQL base directory

    C:\ProgramFiles\Microsft SQL Server\MSSQL\log

    please check the latest log file and error its s reporting..

    or canu plaste the whole error message log, so that we can help you

  • Is this issue resolved?

    Regards,Ganapathi varma, MCSAEmail:

  • Is the job running at the same time as any system backups ? volume shadow copy or and disk snapshots ?

  • gana20m - Thursday, May 4, 2017 12:49 AM

    Is this issue resolved?

    After 6 years, you would hope so...

    ...either that, or the OP is now working in a different field...  and, given that he's not been on this site for 4 years, it's possible.

    Thomas Rushton

  • In my case the problem was I had created some manual backups without any file extension in the backup directory, this meant that the maintenance plan could not create directories with the same name.
    So check what could be preventing the creation of files or folders, check permissions, check which user the sql agent is running as.

  • Johnson Welch - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 12:49 AM

    Except it is the clean up task (the deletes) failing, not the backup itself.
    And it's a failure to find the file, not an account not authorized. That's why it is different OS errors with this post being operating system error 2 and not the error 1240 in that post. 


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