Looking to buy new hardware for Production and Reporting databases and set DR.

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    We are lookng to consolidate a few existing apps so they would hit the same common single database. The size of the database initially would be about 125 GB. Need to set up a brand new production environment. Expecting 1500 to 2000 concurrent users hitting the box, although the total number of possible users will be much higher.

    For the backend, looking to buy three high end servers. One server would be the OLTP box, the second needs to be a Reporting server that will be read-only and will be replicated from the OLTP within seconds. The third (DR) would be placed off-site and would serve as the DR/backup server in case the primary site goes down completely, and so will also need data replicated from the primary site with minimum delay.

    We would need some kind of SAN to SAN replication which is very fast.

    If cost was not a very big consideration, and obviously we don't want to buy a supercomputer or spend more than what we have to; can you please give some recommendations for what has worked for you if you have had a configuration similar to the one we are looking to have.

    We would prefer HP products, but would be nice to know your experiences with other servers as well. If you have had EMC or other third party vendors for setting up replication please comment on what you have used and what is good and bad about it.



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    Just wanted to add that this is a pretty much Microsoft shop. So the datbases are going to be SQL Server 2008, the application will be mostly c# code. For the DR we would be replicating not only from database servers but also from web and file servers. Replication mechanism would need to be really robust.


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    for HP check out Proliant DL 380 G7. we use G5's and will probably buy a few G7's soon.

    EMC is expensive. check out netapp. never used them though.

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