Looking for a DML script running tool

  • My company is still in start-up mode.  Because of this, we have a lot of holes in things like "Administrative Apps".  Right not, service tickets to fix data in the back end are completed by our engineers creating SQL scripts and editing live data.  I want to stop that practice.

    Does anyone know of any tools out there that would manage DML queries at the enterprise level?  We have some 200+ engineers, and what I am looking for is some sort of tool that would allow the engineers to submit DML: queries to be ran, but those queries go through an approval process and are then executed against the DB (eliminating the need for engineers to have write access).

    Any thoughts?

  • It sounds like you're describing Database DevOps. Basically, code goes into source control. You can run a linter through it there, or automatically later. Set up continuous integration to test the code out of source control. Then have a flow control tool to deploy to QA/Test/Staging/Pre-Prod what have you, including automated testing.

    Here's an article with the basics. There's also a link to a white paper. This is a large undertaking, just so you know.

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