Looking for a clear step by step help on creating drop-down param report in SSRS 2008

  • Does anyone know a good site/resource to watch/read/listen etc. to learn how to create such a report in Reporting Services 2008 ?

    Just a simple report which loads combo box from a filed in a table,

    and then a selected value is sent as a parameter to the dataset

    which loads a tablix below from another table or view. As simple as that.

    I spent 10 hours and going NUTS right now. simple text box for param = ok. but can't find where to make it DROPDOWN and how to load with values from a DS..

    I have no problem doing it in 2005, but either they overcomplicated it in 2008, or my brain got overheated at my new job... something is not right..

    For example, I have no clue and help failed to help how to get to the

    Parameters Properties dialogue box.

    Brothers in SQL,



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  • Try this link on MSDN - it has 5 tutorials for using parameters. All these tutorials are a good place to start. It's what I did before attempting any development and got me off and running in no time!


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