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  • We have a prod database which is being logshipped to another db on another server. Mentioned below is the scenario and the issue


    Failover prod to bcp..stopped logshipping and brought bcp online..My goal is to sync both prod and bcp after the failover from prod to bcp and then bcp to prod. Once bcp is up , i took the backup and made some changes to bcp. Now bcp and prod are not in sync. Inorder to keep in sync with prod i restored the backup on bcp which i took before making changes on bcp. Now i restarted the logshipping. I see that logs are being copied to the bcp but for some reasons it is not been restored on bcp after i restore the bcp database. The jobs run fine , just that bcp and prod are not in sync. If anyone has any idea why the logs are not being restored that would be nice. I know i could copy the prod backup and restore but that would be hassle if backups are huge. Please advice. Thanks,

  • Pls go though this thread: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/Topic785497-146-1.aspx%5B/url%5D

    It contains a link to a blog. pls read that as well.

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  • I guess you have missed something.

    refer following link for more detail.


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  • thanks everyone..but thats not what i am looking for. I DO NOT WANT TO SETUP Logshipping from secondary to primary..all i need is to sync the primary and secondary after i failover from primary to secondary and make some changes in secondary..then restore the db on secondary from the bkp which i took before making changes on secondary...logshipping does work but prod and sec are not in sync..please advise..

  • if you bought the secondary online, backed it up then made changes, you broke the lsn chain as soon as you bought it online. To be able to restore logs from the primary to the secondary you must start from the SAME backup, so you will need to backup the primary, ship it across and restore it to the secondary, then restart the log shipping jobs.


  • Copy the t-log from the primary with norecovery (tail log) and apply to secondary. This would also leave the primary in restoring stage.

    You need to setup log shipping from your secondary (new primary) to primary(new secondary). use the same share for placing t-log backups. while setting up log shipping, select "no, the database is initialized" because it's already in restoring mode and you can apply t-log backups going forward from secondary to primary.

    You can allow the secondary server to assume the primary server role provided that you selected the Allow database to assume primary role option for the secondary server during the initial configuration. You need chek the logins and users in secodary server and they shoul have the same permission as on the primary server.

    Refer BOL for more information on "Changing Roles Between Primary and Secondary"


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