LogShipping LS_BACKUP JOB gets failed on primary and secondary LS_RESTORE FAILED



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    Date 7/25/2020 7:41:04 PM

    Log Job History (LSBackup_DB_NAME)

    Step ID 1

    Server ABCDBDATA

    Job Name LSBackup_DB_NAME

    Step Name Log shipping backup log job step.

    Duration 00:00:00

    Sql Severity 0

    Sql Message ID 0

    Operator Emailed

    Operator Net sent

    Operator Paged

    Retries Attempted 0


    Executed as user: DOM\user1. The step failed.


    I have tried and checked all permission still Backup and restore jobs is getting failed. FULL DB restored successfully but LS_Backup and RESTORE jobs are failing with above message. Please asssit.

  • Mr. Brian Gale


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    I expect that anyone on the forum is going to need more than this.  Since the backup failed, it is obvious (to me) that the restore failed.  Without the backup, what is there to restore?

    So, I would be looking at why the backup failed.  Go into the job, check the job step configuration(s), and go from there.

    Or check the logs as they will likely tell you what went wrong.


    Did this use to run successfully and is suddenly failing?  If so, I'd be checking if the account is disabled in AD, if the account password changed recently, if the account has appropriate permissions on the database AND to the filesystem, that the filesystem has disk space left, etc.

    If this never ran successfully, then there is likely a configuration issue or permission issue somewhere.

    Chances are the logs will point you in the right direction as "The step failed" is not a very helpful error message.

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