LogPI or Logexplorer?

  • Hi All,

    I'm looking for a log explorer and am stuck between LogPI and Lumigent Log Explorer.

    I am tending towards LogPI but have no solid reason why. Maybe I like their graphics more

    Anyone got an opinion?

    One or the other?



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  • I haven't tried LogPI and when I purchased Log Explorer, I don't think LogPI existed so I never compared them side to side.  That said, I will say that Lumigent provided excellent support on the very few occasions that we needed it, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them...


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  • I am trying both at the moment and like Log PI. Both have pros and cons. Log explorer has notification, indexing on search, more instance captured etc.

    On the other hand Log PI has much much better GUI and easy to understand and use. It allows to filter to the row level which, log explorer is missing.

    Log Explorer uses host server whereas Log PI installs its own MSDE version.

    Honestly, Log Explorer is more stable but Log PI isn't far behind specially if we consider that it is only been around for little over one year.

    Log PI has some new imporvements comming in next version including notificatio and faster search. If they deliver what they say then I prefer Log PI.

    Best of all it costs much less then Log Explorer.

    Above views are my own and should not be considered as conclusion. No offence.


  • You might want to take a look at ApexSQL Log. Similar to both Log PI and Log Explorer but costs much less, especially Explorer. ApexSQL has a Command Line interface which is nice, and they too have great support. We are happy.



  • Frank,

    I did installed and I run in to ADO problem to begin with. Apex SQL does not support ADO 2.5 (Win 2K) and I use Win 2K. I then did bit of google and gained necessary knowledge. I then downloaded ADO 2.8 and installed. Now, I was able to complete installation.

    Then, Apex SQL couldn't connect to my server. I read help, forum etc but no help. I contacted Apex SQL support and they referred me to one of the thread in their forum. I read the referred thread but wasn’t much helpful. I gave up.

    Other two products had no ADO issues and were able to find all the servers on network without problem.

    I then installed it at my home machine and done bit of test. Other two products were able to find the create and drop commands I performed but for some reason Apex SQL couldn't.

    I gave up then.

    Don't take this as conclusion. I am merely sharing my experience. May be it is me, and nothing wrong with product.


    Roshan Patel

  • I'm trying to look into the options for log-reading software; I've seen log explorer, logpi, apex log and also red gate. Does anyone know any other products that do the job? Is there something from imceda?



  • Roshan,

    sorry for your bad luck

    what was the thread you were referring too?  I'm unaware of ApexSQL Log not being able to connect servers.  I'd be interested to follow this path as there are 3 issues here (ADO 2.5, not connecting to servers and not finding drop commands) that I'm personally unaware of.  You can post here on forum if you want, our forum etc but I'd be interested to here some specifics of this.  I'd be interested to hear of version or general date that u used the product.  We have 1.85 out now.

    What were the other two products?

    thx - Brian

    Brian Lockwood
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  • Brian,

    Thanks for the response but its too late. I don't remember any specifics at the moment as the testing I was performing was in month of April this year.

    The other two products I was testing were Log PI and Log Explorer.


  • this forum just ate my previous attempt at reply ...

    anyway - thx for reply - i don't remember the specifics either which is a bit strange since i'm normally alerted to low level problems like this.  We're going to try and track down your name on forum and see if we can locate the thread.

    The ADO 2.8 thing in particular perplexes me as this software's engine predates ADO 2.8.  There is nothing .net in this app.  code base is C++.  Are u sure you needed ADO 2.8 for ApexSQL Log? 

    Current version is 1.85 - we've had quite a few updates since April.  My guess is that if these issues existed they are resolved - we have no open issues related to any of three items you mention.

    Brian Lockwood
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  • Roshan,

    I'd be curious to hear how your testing went. Log PI is no longer, gobbled up along the acquisition buffet. Log Explorer has not had a new relaese in yeras and looks like they might not get to it anytime soon. Still not up on 2005. What was your experience? Thanks.


  • Curtis M,

    We did bought LogPI and run into few issues which they fixed but lot of communication between us over few months to get the bugs resolved. The support from LogPI was excellent. The last release they provided me was good and had great performance improvement. Too bad that LogPI got bought out. I had an email from new company that they will communicate soon on the policy of their support in relation to LogPI but haven't heard anything.

    In short, the last version (2.6.5702) is pretty stable.

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