Logins, Users, and Roles - Getting Started

  • Great Article Andy. This helps take some of the mystique out of process.

  • Good Work Andy!

  • This was a great beginning article.  I would love to see followups where you progressively delve deeper into more complex issues around security.

  • Thanks for an excellent article. You emphasized granting permissions to a role, not to a user for best practice. If we are using an Active Directory group as a login, and bring users in and out of that group, then it can serve the same purpose as a role - right??!!!??? I am not sure on this point. If we can use NT/AD groups, then why bother with roles?

    Thanks for any clarifications


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  • Hello,Andy!

    i execute T-SQL:

    USE Master;

    EXEC sp_addlogin testuser,testdb;

    USE testdb;

    EXEC sp_grantdbaccess testuser;

    Why after this i cannot see testuser as a user of database testdb in the Enterprise Manager?

  • I want to list database role members and most importantly, script them out. How can I do that?

    Manoj Deshpande.

  • Hello,

    I recently was given the task as the 1st DBA at my company. It it one of those situations where I have the HUGE task of cleaning up after the years of bad practice. The first horror story I have is that everyone uses the 'sa' account to log in. I need to change this very quickly.

    I checked out your article and it was helpful but my question is - how should I set up a system of users? Should there be a login for the developers or should each developer have their own login (of course I am talking about the development server)? I think it would be a huge pain to set up a whole system of logins for everyone in the production department.

    How would you handle this situation?

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