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  • Hi, All

    I have a application that is made by Access to pull the data from SQL Server 7.0 and gererate the reports.(Only gererating a reports)

    SQL server has a NT & SQL authentication. This problem happens for normal users but not me and other Admin group users. Everytime they try to open this application, message box pops up like this: "Use Trusted Connection" (We are using ODBC setting for this connection by SQL Authentication)with option box checked. If U uncheck the box and type the ID and Password again, it will let U in. And looks like users try to pull the data, Access goes and checks each tables that are invloved in reports. Therefore users need to login several times to get authentication..Even though I gave user SA privilege for test, it still popped up...Many of them have different login ID for Network and this application because of application limitation. Application only allows 7 characters for ID no more than that...Me and other Admin group users have the same User ID for Network and application because we have less than 7 character ID..

    Any Idea..

    Thanks in advance


  • My guess is that this is a shared Access Database which then requires all ODBC DSN Names to be the same as well as connection properties for the linked tables. To explain further, I believe, if you link the tables using trusted connection then Access will "intelligently" attempt to open them again using the same type of connection.

    The best bet would be to link the tables using the SQL Authentication rather than NT Authentication or Trusted connection. All subsequent connections to the tables linked in the Access database should attempt to use the SQL Authentication first and then logging in once should pass for all tables.

    I hope that wasn't too confusing and I am not positive about the functionality being that way as I have not used Access in a while.




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  • Check MSDN, I believe there is a known issue about this behavior in Access. One way to work around would be modify the normally hidden system table that stores the connect string, convert to a DSN-less connection.


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