Login failed: Password did not match that for the login provided.

  • I just installed a new instance of SQL Developer Edition - All my apps run on SQL Express and I am testing them on the new Edition. My Web Service connects to the new instance, my integration tests can access the new instance... However

    For a Windows Service - I get this error every time it tries to connect.

    Login failed for user 'MyUser'. Reason: Password did not match that for the login provided. [CLIENT: <local machine>]

    But the password is most definitely not wrong. I can copy/paste the password into SSMS and it connects just fine. I can get the service to print the connection string to the event log, then copy/paste the password into SSMS and the login works.

    I can use the same connection string in a console application from visual studio, and it can connect.

    There must be something dodgy about my Windows service - but I created the same login and password on my SQL Express edition - and it works!

    What possible setting in the server or database could cause this behaviour?



  • It sounds like you already have it set, but mixed mode authentication is on, right?

    The only other thing I would suggest doing is running a trace and setting up checks for exceptions, user errors, and failed logins to see if there is another underlying error this login is receiving.

  • Yes its mixed mode. The Trace log is useful, as there are some connections happening for that user. If I connect before starting the SqlDependency - it works; after the SqlDependency there are logon failures.

    So I think the Service Broker setup is incorrect for the service user

    It all works now for NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM - with trusted_connection

    Which is good enough for now.

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