"Login failed for user '(null)'

  • Setting: Sql7, Sp3.

    User "Jose" can't access a Sql box under EM that he could access yesterday. When he clicks the plus to the left of the server name he gets "Login failed for user '(null'). Reason: Not associated with a trusted Sql Server connection'.

    Well, he was able to do so yesterday! The box uses NT authentication. Furthermore, his domain account lets him access other Sql servers under EM. I deleted his Sql login and recreated it and did not encounter any problems. But he still can't access the Sql server using his domain account. I noted that he also has a local "Jose" account. The server iinvolved is a production server. I hate to stop/restart it but maybe that's the next step. Any thoughts much appreciated.



  • I have seen this before when the SQL Server cannot see the domain controller. It cannot authenicate the use.

    Can other users connect with NT Auth? Check the server event logs for domain error messages.

    A restart has usually fixed this, but it tends to be a network comm problem.

    Steve Jones


  • Other users can access the Sql server under EM using their domain accounts. I'll try stop/start the server, then reboot if necessary.(That is after I check the Event logs!)


  • Often a good idea to reboot the workstation first.


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