Log shipping synchronize

  • I have set up a primary database on Server A and a secondary server B.

    The log shipping are setup too. For schedules, I setup something like every 3 hours on backup from 3:00 am-11pm. For the copy file jobs I schedule it to 3:10am-11:10pm, and restore from 3:15-11:15 pm. All runs every 3 hours.

    Then after a day I want to try to do a manual resync,

    So  I manually run the SQL agent job of  log shipping backup job on Server A. And then when it is done immediately I run on ServerB copy backup files job,  then run restore. I suppose after I did a manual run, since there is nobody in the system now, the data should be the same.

    But I did a comparison of data on primary database and secondary database, I found primary database has more records on a table I checked than the records in secondary database.

    Is there a reason for that? I supposed my manual run should make the data in the two databases exactly the same.


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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