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  • I tried to setup log shipping on two data centers. Server A in location A, serverB in nearby location B.

    On the server there are multiple databases, I created the first logshiping database,  I created the monitor instances on ServerB.

    It works well.

    I then tried to create another log shipping for another database, when I get to setup the monitor instance, I used the same one. Then it errors out when saving monitor instance. It looks like only the first log shipping works with monitor instance with no problem, but not all other log shipping databases following the first one.  Is there a reason for that? 

    I understand it is best to create a separate instances for monitoring instances, we cannot afford to do that,  maybe using express edition, but still it need more resource like a VM server setup. I want to do as much as possible to setup monitor instances on secondary server.





  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Can you post the error screenshot.

    Durai Nagarajan

  • durai nagarajan wrote:

    Can you post the error screenshot.

    Thank you for asking that. I tried to reproduce the error, by creating the second log shipping database on the server, but I cannot reproduce it, this time it succeeded, weird. but that is good.

    I remember when it failed last time it failed at the step: error in saving monitor instance. Something about the linked server already exists. I know log shipping created a linked server. but this time I did not get the message even it exists already. Not sure why?


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