Log Shipping into an Availability Group

  • fodderoh


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    I have a database I need to migrate to a new environment that is being built. The current environment does not leverage Availability Groups, but the new environment I need to migrate the database in to does use an AG.

    I need to set up log shipping for the database to facilitate the migration and this is the first time I will have set up log shipping in this particular scenario. Can you log ship in to an availability group? Or do I need to log ship in to each node of the cluster and then configure the AG after the cutover?


  • James Rossi


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    Hi fodderoh,

    Just log ship to the primary replica of the AG.  However, you can't add it as a AG replica database just yet.

    You first have to break the log shipping process and set the database out of recovery.  Then from there you can add it to the AG replica database.

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  • Cebisa

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    How big is your database? Youu could log ship to both replicas.

    After bringing database online on the primary, do an xlog backup and restore that on the secondary. It speeds up the step of adding the database to the AG

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