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    We have a mixture of 32 bit and 64 bit servers and are looking to do some log shipping from some of these to a central 64 bit server. Has anybody used log shipping from a 32 bit server to 64 bit and is it supported by Microsoft? I know the datafile format and backup format are the same so I guess it would work. Thanks in advance.

  • SQLZ


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    I don't know if Microsoft doesn't support it (I've not seen anything to suggest they don't) but it definitely works as I've done this in the past without any problems whatsoever.

  • Andrew..Peterson


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    I do not have the reference, but I do recall one one of the MS pages outlining that the backup file data, including the log information, had the same format, was readable by both 32 & 64 and was fully compatible.

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  • gurinov_a


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    I have exactly such configuration: primary DB on x64 platform and secondary (slave) DB on x32. Everything works fine in both directions.

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