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  • Great job and nicely done. We will be doing some log shipping soon and it's nice to know what to look out for.



  • Great article, i've stretched the copy and restore delays as far as i can within the sync limit though our log size surges seem fairly random so I can't schedule around them. This should resolve that issue.

    Out of interest would it work if I simply ran the entire log shipping process within an SSIS package. Will the next task in the SSIS control flow not wait for the previous one to complete before executing thus avoiding the contention caused by the tasks stepping on each others toes?



  • I apologize for the delay in responding. No excuses, just the life of a DBA

    The package I designed was for the destination server which means that it is assumed that the log backup and log shipping from the source server was already being managed through SQL Server, A third party backup software or through an SSIS package on the source server. The package I wrote takes files that were successfully copied and moves them to a new directory (on the same drive) for restoring. If you wanted to restore the logs within the same SSIS package, I would do the following:

    Create a main SSIS Package to:

    Execute the package (now a sub package) to move the log backup files (in this article) from the shipped logs directory to the Restore Directory.

    Add a For Each Loop container that restores the transaction logs and then moves them into the Transaction log directory (for all completed restored logs).

    Call this main package from a job. The job will not run unless the previous execution is completed.

    If this is not what you were looking for please reply with new requirements.

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