Log shipping and CDC

  • I come seeking the wisdom of the collective. I have searched to no avail to try and understand the implication of using CDC on a database that uses log shipping. In a weird way I also want to understand if CDC will affect log shipping and vice versa.

    After much head scratching I am assuming that the truncation point in the log will move if CDC is deployed. So instead of the last commited transaction it will be the last commited transaction that has been harvested?

    So if I have log shipping every 10 minutes does this mean I need to get the CDC data out of my source system before that 10 minutes cut off. Will it make my log shipping out of date??

    So many questions. Pointers to good articles gratefully received.

    Many thanks


  • Any suggestions?



  • Obviously this is a bit late to reply to this, but for future google searches...

    When you recover the database using the RECOVERY keyword, you should use the KEEP_CDC keyword in the restore command. This is only required in the last recovery restore, not the ongoing log restores.

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