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  • After a server reboot, the Log Reader job for replication fails with this error "The process could not connect to server 'ServerName'.  The step failed."  In the Log Reader Agent the detail says "Login failed for user 'sa'.(Source: ServerName (Data source); Error number: 18456)". What would cause this?  Nothing has changed on the server, especially not the password.  Anyone ever see this before?


  • Hi, i get the error some time before, and the problem was a change in sql authentication... was changed to windows aut..

    Check this link, may be help you




  • Thanks for the info, but I found the problem.  Under 'Configure Publishers, Subscribing, Distribution' then the Publishers Tab I hit the ellipsis button for 'distribution' and found where the sa account was being used.  I re-typed the password and the Log Reader started right up.  The odd thing is that this password was changed 4 months ago and the Log Reader stopped with the errors after a reboot.  Go figure.


  • I was in a similar situation today, and resolved it by right clicking "Replication" folder, then select "Update Replication Passwords...". Here you can re-enter the password, Management Studio will apply to where it is necessary for you.

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