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    The format of log records and pages is not constrained to follow the format of data pages.


    One of the system pages stored in both the primary data file and the first log file is a database boot page that contains information about the attributes of the database.


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    Log files do not contain pages; they contain a series of log records.


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    Hi Carla,

    Thanks for sharing this, but this information was already quoted by the author of the QOTD.

    (Your link is just the BOL version instead of the MSDN version I assume).

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    Oh, yeah, you're right. I forgot that the answer had the MSDN reference link.

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    Wasn't there a similar QOD a few weeks ago and the discussion came down the fact that this is basically a trick question relying on the multiple meanings the word 'page'?

    A page may either be a physical unit of data transfer or a 'data page' which is structured in some way.

    As far as I am aware, SQLserver uses the same 'physical' page size for all files (including log files), hence will read the log file in 8K chunks. However, the internal structure of a log file does not follow the same page structure as database files.

    I hate 'trick' questions that just depend on having noticed some random note in the manuals...


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    That's part of the idea of the QOD. It's not designed so that you get everything right and prove you're the SQL Server god. We get some questions in there that are trivia type questions. It's a chance for you to learn something, and hopefully something that might help you at some point down the road. Maybe you'll recall it at some point.

    We do make mistakes, so we like to see discussion here to help correct things.

    The log page thing is interesting. Logs have records, but I don't think it's documented well what a page is or isn't in the log. Perhaps everyone should send some feedback from BOL and ask for this to be updated.

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    Nice links provided in the discussion. Thanks giys...

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    8k = buffer...



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    Found this one very interesting. My initial understanding was that of logs having 8k pages. However - I think it comes down to as Steve said - trivia questions to help us learn something.

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