Log backup fails in maintenance plan

  • I keep getting alerts that the log backup for one of the databases from one of our maintenance plans is failing. Yet it looks like the backup is getting completed successfully. The SQL Server logs show that the backup was created successfully, and a restore from the logs works OK.

    Does anyone have any idea why SQL Server Agent would be reporting that the backup is failing?


    Tim Harding


  • In SQL7/2000 you can a look in the msdb table 'sysdbmaintplan_history' to see if there is a reason. Try that table.

    (SQL 2000 Code) 

    select substring(database_name,1,17) as 'database', activity ,start_time  as 'start', message from sysdbmaintplan_history  where succeeded <> 1 order by database_name, start_time desc


  • if your database recovery mode is set to "simple", then from BOL 'You get an error if you try to back up the log while in SIMPLE recovery mode'

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