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  • Another reason to write what you mean. What's the use of saving 5 characters if you then have to think longer about what it means?

  • I agree.  I should have figured "min" wasn't the correct answer, because MIN is the minimum function.  But if I hadn't had that brain-fart, I'd have selected "m" instead and still have gotten it wrong.  There's no reason to think "n" is a abbreviation for minute.  Especially since it's used to create Unicode strings.  Although in practice since I seldom need to know time differences in minutes, I'd go look it up.



  • Agreed. I hate abbreviating that when it's so much clearer to just spell it out.

  • There is no reason to abbreviate this, especially in modern instances, but you might find this code, so knowing what this is, or knowing there is an issue, is the purpose of the question.

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