Lock table for Insert/Update/delete

  • I am using SQL Sever 2008. I want to lock the whole table for insert/delete/update operation,but should allow other users to read.

    can anyone please suggest How to lock SQL table from insert/delete/update, but allow read , until certain operation is completed on that table ?

  • SQL will do the locking for you automatically, depending on what you update;

    SQL will figure out if it needs to lock a few rows, pages or even the whole table, depending on the operation and how much data you seem to be updating; the SQL engine issues "intent to exclusively lock" commands for any of those three things above . those locks make other processes wait for the update to complete if they want to query the data, or also insert/update/delete.

    there are always few edge cases where you might need to lock the whole table, but in general, you let SQL handle it; other processes, if they are using SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTED, command, or the WITH (NOLOCK) hint, can still query  the data with dirty reads regardless of the lock.

    lookup WITH TABLOCKX (exclusive table lock)  or WITH UPDLOCK to see if that is really what you are after.


    are you unsure of the update and are second guessing the locking mechanism, or do you really need to lock the table?



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  • Add WITH (TABLOCK) hint after the table name.


    UPDATE dbo.table_name WITH (TABLOCK)

    SET ...

    INSERT INTO dbo.table_name WITH (TABLOCK)

    SELECT ...

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