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  • Hi

    I was thinking to put some load on our dev server from different sessions(say 99 sessions). So if I have say thre big tables TAB1,Tab2,TAb3, then I want 33 sessions for each of these queries:

    select * from tab1(fired by 33 sessions)

    select * from tab2(fired by 33 sessions)

    select * from tab3(fired by 33 sessions)

    what can be possible solutions?

    I tried by creating 99 batch files,putting select statement in them and running them together but this doesn't look optimal solution as it opens lot of batch file windows.

    Can I do it from single batch file or thru some TSQL command which may open different sessions for me??

    Thanks in advance...

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  • Not enough details provided by you, I am getting what you are looking for?

    I work only to learn Sql Server...though my company pays me for getting their stuff done;-)

  • Basically what I am trying to get is open 99 sessions of SQL server and run some queries in each session.

    But I dont want to open 99 connections manually.I am looking for some TSQL script or batch file which can do it.

    I gave example queries in my original post.

    Online Trainer For SQL DBA and Developer @RedBushTechnologies with 18 yrs exp.

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