load data from SQL 2008 to AS400

  • I want to load the data from SQL 2008 to AS400

    For connecting to AS400, I am using the ADO NET Destination component with an ADO.Net Connection Manager that uses ODBC DSN

    Inside the ADO.NET destination editor, I did the following:

    1. Connection manager: AS400 connection

    2. Use a table or view: "libraryname"."@Product"

    when I click on preview, I get the below error:

    The table or view name is not valid. Please use the table prefix " and suffix " of the data provider if you are quoting table or view name.

    Since I am using this AS400 file "libraryname"."@Product" which has @ before Product, this is erroring out.

    If I use a table without the @ sign, then I do'nt get this error and it works fine.

    We can't change the AS400 file names , so how do we handle such filenames which has @ sign in SSIS?

    Actually some of our old DTS packages uses such files which has @ sign and DTS runs fine with no errors.

    Please, any ideas. Thanks.

  • I have windows 2008, 32-bit OS and SQL Server 2008.

    When I am trying to use Execute DTS 2000 Package Task for the purpose of inserting data to AS400, I am getting the below error:

    REquires SQL Server 2000 data transformation services (DTS) runtime.

    But I tried to install it did'nt work, since I have windows 2008, do I need to do anything special in order to install

    SQL Server 2000 data transformation services (DTS) runtime component.

    Please advice. Thanks.

  • Why don't you use the OLEDB Provider for the connection to the Database on your AS400?

    I have used the OLEDB for DB2, not on an AS400 platform...

    As far as the SQL Server 2000 run time error check out the following link:


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