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  • a2zwd


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    I have on-premises sql server database. I need to load data from this DB to azure DW.

    What is the best solution?

    I am good in classic ETL using SSIS.

    When I search google, there are many options like traditional ETL(SSIS), ADF, Polybase, Azure BLOBs

    I am confused which one to use. I need to perform incremental load and schedule a job to refresh

    Please reply

  • RobertMPotter


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    Don't get confused also worry not about it. I can understand your worry regarding SQL server database. You can go for ETL (SSIS), ADF, Polybase or Azure BLOB as per your needs as all of these are having different data loading strategies. Still, if you are feeling confused, then try reading the data migration strategy. Hope you will get the best possible solution soon.

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