Load 2 files to SQL on 1 connection

  • I have 2 files I'm importing and have 2 different SQL tables from the same database. How could I create one connection to the

    DB and load to 2 different SQL tables.


    $f1=(import-csv 'c:\temp\dbsessinfo' -Delimiter '|' -header dbsession,client,qaduser,osuser,pts,qadpgm,qadmenu,pid,ostask,runtime)
    $f2=(import-csv 'c:\temp\dbwaitdata' -Delimiter '|' -header dbanme,progtxn,osuser,locktype,locktbl,lockrcd,lockmeth)



  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I have it figured out.


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