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  • Can someone tell me how to rename all DEV tables and it's indexes to LIVE nomenclature? Ex: ProductsDev to ProductsLive and all indexes renamed to Live extension as well.

    Here is a query selecting what DEV tables and their indexes. I just need to put it in a loop for rename. Doing so keeps naming conventions correct and makes a generic method so if indexes are added sql code doesn't have to be maintained.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    /* Loop through all DEV tables and it's indexes */

    SELECT 'Table', 'Index'

    FROM sysindexes a, sysobjects b

    WHERE =

    and like '%Dev'

    and ( like 'PK%' or like 'IX%')

    and b.type = 'U'

    and indid NOT IN (0, 255)

    order by

  • Thanks for the script.

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