Listing Subscribed SSRS Reports including Parameters & their Values

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  • Nice start, but what about Parameters on a Linked Report that are hidden from the User and are assigned default values? The subscription is based off the Linked Report.

    Any ideas on how to include those, too, please?

  • Bhudev!

    Excellent query!

    It is a huge problem for us to quickly identify the SubscriptionID

    when user forwards an email generated by Subscription (built-in, not DDS).

    With your query it becomes a lot easier.


    Do you know if it's possible to retrieve SubscriptionID at the time of Subscription execution?

    It would be so nice to have let's say an Email Subject like:

    "Report: Global Derivatives - Risk Summary; SubsID='267DF775-59C9-40DA-A173-06106AD89110'

  • I'm new to this forum and writing queries as well.

    I have tried running this script in Management Studio and it runs fine, however if I try to build a report in VS2k8 I get the following error: An error occurred while the query design method was being saved. SELECT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: 'ARITHABORT'.

    This comes up after pasting the query into the design query window and hitting next.

    Does anyone have a an easy solution for this?


  • Excellent script, precisely what I'm looking for. Thanks Prakash!

  • Thanks for the script.

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