List of SQL Server Express gotchas?

  • James_UK_Dev

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    Is there a list anywhere of the different behaviour of SQL Express?

    It's things like the Auto Close setting defaulting to on whatever you choose in the Model database.

    Is this a one off or are there lots of these?

    (Not the size/memory limits)

  • Ron McCullough

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    There are three (3) versions of SQL Express


    Express with Advanced Services

    Express with Tools

    For an idea of exactly what each version's features go here

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  • Lowell

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    i can think of only a couple offthe top of my head:

    TCP/IP / remote connections are not enabled by default.

    no Dedicated Admin Connection is available by default.

    depending on the version of installed, you might not have SSMS.

    it's really easy to not add yourself as an administrator during instalation + leave sa account disabled, so you don't have access after installation.

    hopefully others will chime in as well.


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