List Expressions and Values of Variables in SSIS package

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    Thanks for the script.

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    Can't get it working. I tried it, and was unable to run it. Would it be possible to provide an example? For example, what if you package.dtsx is on the c:\temp folder, how do you adjust the script to work with it?

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    Three aspects.

    1 - the script is developed for use with later versions of SSIS packages. Check the dtsx for the string packageformatversion - if it is 6 or earlier, the xml is different and the nodes sought in the Cross Apply won't work as shown.

    2 - the string <insert your target package here> in the script should be substituted with your target dtsx: e.g. c:\temp\mypackage.dtsx or \\server\share\pkgfile.dtsx because that's what the OpenRowSet command will work on. It treats that file as a single bulk load, so the filename and pathing has to be just so, or it will choke.

    3 - permissions - openrowset command may not be available to some logins. Use an administrator equivalent strength SQL account or AD user.

    Hope this assists.

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