List all permission in all databases

  • Hi Folks!

    Nice script! The only problem I see it's when the user (o role) have permission on a schema instead of a table. In that case the script will show that the user have permission on a system table (like sysrowsets) because the mayor_id value is 5, and that correspond to the sys.schemas view (schema_id) and not the sys.sysobjects (object_id).



  • Thanks for the script.

  • Thanks for this great script!!
    FYI, I have a couple of offline databases on a non-production server and got an error that stopped the script when I ran it.
    I was able to work around it by modifying the sys.databases query to this:
    select name from sys.databases where state_desc = 'ONLINE' order by name

    Thanks again!

    - webrunner

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