Linked Servers: a Peek Behind the Curtain

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  • Thanks for the deep dive

  • Thanks for the post. It's always great to read something different. One thing I don't really like using Linked Servers too much. Linked servers are not great for large set of data to be return and should not be used for that. They so be used for small calls, but here where I work they think this is the only way to do this. One thing that I have found a difference between a 4 part identifier call versus a Openquery call is that I have found that the 4 part is much faster based on performance. I'm really not a fan of this and some of the ways that I have worked around the linked server call is trying to make sure I have all the tables and databases on the same instance of sql server.

    Still wanting to let you know thank you for your article. Really enjoyed it.



  • Hi jshell687, thank you for the feedback! It sounds like you are more experienced than I am in the practical use of linked servers, so I defer to your superior knowledge. I guess it makes sense that this is not a good configuration for large data sets, since everything has to be processed through the main server.

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