Linked server using view broken by field length change.

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    The length was changed on a column used in a view referenced by a linked server. After the change a select using the view no longer worked. MSG 4274 was returned with this message OLE DB provider 'SQLOLEDB' returned an unexpected data length for the fixed-length column '[forecast].[forecast].[dbo].[vw_itemsizerange].ProductId'. The expected data length is 5, while the returned data length is 7. Query using view did not work in Query Analyzer. Adding a new linked server did work. I'm assuming that the old view was cashed but don't know how to get the view to refresh to reflect the column length change.

    Carl Davis

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    Hi -

    I faced the similar issue. My data source is SQL View. Using SQL version 2012 SP1. I just ran "exec sp_refreshview <yourViewName>" on source database. It got resolved.

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