Linked Server Tribulations In SQL Server

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    Thomas, thanks for article, but, please, what's a Linked Server UI ?

    regards Herbert

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    I believe the Linked Server UI he is referring to is the dialog box you get when you right click on Linked Servers (underneath Server Objects in SQL Server Management Studio) and select New Linked Server.

    See for more information.


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    Linked Server, O Linked Server, wherefore art thou Linked Server? Be some other connection design! :crazy:

    Nice post Thomas, this is sorely needed information. Thank you!

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    Thanks for the article. Can you please clarify how you configured the computer object?

    the Trusted for Delegation property was then visible for the SQL service accounts, which I enabled.

    Are you setup to "trust to all services" or did you configure constrained delegation? If constrained, then to what services and are you Kerberos only or are you allowing NTLM as well?

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    For those who haven't already seen this, Microsoft has release the Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server to correct issues with Kerberos and SPN's.

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    Thanks for this. Can't wait to see the article on files as linked servers. I have a csv connection that's driving me nuts. It used to work.

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    Arrrrggghhh! If only I had this article a few weeks ago. Great job! I do appreciate the detailed trouble-shooting explanations...our whole team does!

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    Thank you for the positive comments. I'm glad my article was helpful. 🙂

    Herbert, yes, Brian is correct. The UI I'm referring to is the dialog box you see when you add a Linked Server in the Management Studio GUI.

    OPC.Three, I used 2 servers for this setup with both using the same dedicated domain account. (This is not necessarily a best practice for production, BTW.) I constrained the account to just being trusted for delegation to the SQL services on each machine. And I allow NTLM. (I have no Kerberos requirement.)

    In the account properties dialog, when you choose to constrain to certain services, those running on all servers for which you've registered SPNs should show up automatically.

    And the SPN command is all over the web now, but here it is again:

    setspn -A MSSQLSvc/server:port|instance acct , and:

    setspn -A MSSQLSvc/server.domain.tld:port|instance acct

    Both must be issued for domain account Linked Servers, per documentation.

    BTW, if your doing this for a clustered server, server must be its virtual name.

    - Thomas

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