Linked Server (to ODBC) connection test times out, test of ODBC is successful

  • We have a scheduled job that utilizes a Linked Server connection that is simply referencing an ODBC connection. The job got hung up on step 7 of 10. We stopped the job, and meant to restart it at step 7, however accidentally started it at step 1.

    The first step is the step where it truncates four tables and then populates those four tables. The data populating the tables is coming from an ODBC configured on the SQL server. That data is then used for subsequent steps. So by truncating those tables, we have to start the job over from step 1. However now when we try to start the job it times out on Step 1.

    Conduct a Test Connection of the Linked Server and it times out. If we go to the ODBC connection and conduct a test, it is successful. Other systems are able to run queries against the database referenced in the ODBC (from other servers than the SQL server).

    I want to restart the server, as I feel there is something stuck in the background. Problem is that this is a major SQL server that is running databases for multiple applications. It has a specific window for reboots, and that isn't until this weekend.

    I miss the activity monitor from the old SQL 2000 days, when we could see what is going on in the database ,live.

    Doing a SQL Profiler, I'm not seeing anything standing out, but I'm unsure what to be looking for.

    I tried creating a new Linked Server object referencing the same ODBC connection, same problem.

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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