Linked Server (Progress DB), Infinite Wait Type OLEDB - never completes

  • tom-950131

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    Hi ... we have the following setup.

    Windows Server 2003

    MSSQL 2000 with last service pack

    What I am going to describe to you works for about a month and then stops working. This happened on a completely different server and we assumed something had corrupted on that server so we moved it to a different box and it has now happened again ... please help.

    We have a job that runs every 30 minutes to pull in some data from a Progress database. We are using the Merant 3.70 32-BIT Progress driver in System DSN. When it works the job takes about 1 minute to complete.

    However the following very simple query (normally takes a second) will now not complete and will sit not executing infinitely:

    SELECT Field1

    FROM openquery(MY_LINKED_SERVER,

    'SELECT Field1

    FROM MyTable

    WHERE Field2= 1


    If I look in Process Info then I have something that details:

    wait time - keeps increasing with every refresh as you would expect if it has hung

    wait type - OLEDB

    Wait resource - My_LINKED_SERVER

    Any ideas why this would work fine for a month (or so) and then not work? I have started / stopped services and rebooted but to no avail. If I do a test connection in my System DSN then that works without any issues. Nothing that I am aware has changed on the server and for this to have happened twice it is very odd. Please help!

  • tom-950131

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    I suppose the question is ... does anybody have any ideas or things we can try? Its almost as though some kind of log file is full (SQL Logs etc are not) or something like that is blocking it from ever reaching the server?

  • gary.proctor

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    I feel your pain. We had the same issue happening when fetching data into a SS05 box from an informix db running on a unix platform. As it turns out we suspect the issue was a timeout due to a record locking issue that was not being detected by the server due to a shortcoming in the OLE DB provider. You may want to check your drivers to see if there are any isolation level settings or timeout settings that can be tweaked. I learned a few new curse words due to this same issue. Good Luck.

  • tom-950131

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    gary, thanks for the response. We discovered what the issue was.

    We decided to create a DTS package and created a connection to the Progress DB ... after creating the connection we double tried to create a data pump task and that threw up an error which basically said that we were using the trial 30 day evaulation ODBC driver (or something similar) ... this I relayed to the systems team who set up and they have resolved.

    Gave me a headache for sometime though!

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