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  • I upgraded a 2K server to 2K5 last night. (Actually I uninstalled SQL2K, rebooted, and then installed SQL2K5).

    I can use linked servers fine, but in SSMS if I right click on one to see it's properties, or try to create a new one, I get the following message:

    Cannot show requested dialog.

    Additional Information

    Cannot find table 0. (System.Data)

    Has anyone seen this before and know what to do about it? It seems to only affect one server. I can create/manage linked servers for all other sql servers in our environment, including a second server that was upgraded last night.

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  • May be something might have corrupted during ssms installation...

    Try to remove and resinstall SQL tools or re-apply service pack...

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  • I don't think it's a(n) SSMS issue. I don't use the SSMS on the server, I use a copy installed on my workstation. But just for grins I did try it on the server, and have the same issue.

    The Redneck DBA

  • I think that you're missing something from your new Install or it lost the location of something.

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  • What would cause the linked servers to work just fine, but SSMS not be able to manage them? I can manage them with scripts fine also. Strange.

    The Redneck DBA

  • I have tried this before and found this resolved my issues.

    you can try this, but this doesnt guarantee a solution in your situation.

    What are your SQL Server Service account Running under, are they using localsystem, if yes change them to run under a Domain account or a Administrator Account (Trick). Also use Asmin(SA) Credentials to Login to Server and try again.

  • Service account is local admin on the server, and I log in with windows authentication, with my windows user being a sysadmin.

    The Redneck DBA

  • We rebooted that server last night for other reasons, and magically it is working fine now. I don't know why, but I'm not going to complain!


    The Redneck DBA

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