linked server-error 7319 on select statement

  • When I linked two SQL servers (both SQL Server 2000 with sp1) and execute simple select statement to a table from linked server, then I get error 7319. Table has 2 indexes, when I delete one, the error disappear.

    The same error happens when I try to create a view on linked server from my server. But, if I create the same view on the server (which is later linked) and execute the same select statement to a view from a linked server, then everything works just fine. Ofcourse, I use 4-part names.

    I get this error nomatter which server I try to connect to. And this server was upgraded from SQL 7.0

    Other server is working just fine, no errors.

    Any idea?

  • I use linked servers quite a bit, never seen this particular issue (or much of any other!). Have you checked MSDN to see if an Q articles? What are the indexes, how many/type columns?


  • Yes, and I didn't found any limitation like that on view. And I don't think that it is the problem of numbers of indexes. If I change the roles of the servers and the first one is linked server, everything is OK.

  • I set IndexAsAccessPath to 0 and now it's working just fine (advice from Bart Duncan-MS)

  • Interesting - thanks for the follow up!


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