Linked Server Connectivity Test

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  • Some linked servers are set up to only work for a given set of windows authentications.

    So, the job needs to be set up to run as one of those users.

    There may be some system admin tasks that have to be done to jiggle with the account settings so that will work.

    It's also possible to loop thru the list of linked servers and automatically test all of them either don't require a specific login connection or which require one but you are on the list.

    Don't have sql server up and running at the moment, but there are two system views, both obvious as dirt because of their names, that you can use for that purpose.

  • A cut and paste of the generating code from Safari (and Explorer) browser to SSMS on Windows 7 copies a number of invisible characters and corrupts the code. I don't know what the characters are but they are at the beginning of some lines and are not tabs, spaces.



  • Thanks for the script.

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