Linked AS400 stopped working

  • We have a linked AS400, connected through OLEDB (IBMDASQL). Up until last Thursday it was working fine. We are now getting the error:

    Cannot create an instance of OLDDB provider "IBMDASQL" for linked server "" (Microsoft SQL Server, Error 7302)

    Now I know that the normal cause of this error is that 'allow inprocess' is disabled, but that is NOT the case here (and indeed we have been running just fine til this incident)

    What else can possibly cause this problem?

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  • Further info

    I've reinstalled the IBM oledb components.

    Tried to recreate the linked server and getting the same error.

    Tried re-doing the provider

    None of the above changed anything.


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  • Have any PTF's been applied to the AS400? If so you may need an updated IBMDASQL driver.

  • The AS400 folks have assured me again that no changes have been made.


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  • I had to ask as I'd had this problem in the distant past. Let's see, have you tried OPENQUERY? Can you connect from a .NET application using the IBM OLE DB Provider?

  • I get the same basic error when using openquery. I don't have a .net making a similar call (and I'm not a .net programmer, so there would be considerable ramp-up to try to create one to test this)

    Msg 7302, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

    Cannot create an instance of OLE DB provider "IBMDASQL" for linked server "ASCO".


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  • Is it possible a Userid or password has been disabled?

  • No, I tried with another known working account. Additionally this account is still working on our old SQL2000 machine (that one is ODBC).


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  • Ok here is more info... and it gets strange.

    I rebooted the SQL server (ugh, I don't like doing that)

    Tried a couple of jobs and they ran fine and assumed things were all ok.

    However this morning a couple of other jobs failed with a 7340 error (

    Cannot create a column accessor for OLE DB provider "IBMDASQL" for linked server "linkname".) instead of 7302. Further research showed that those using openquery() succeeded, where as those that simply queried the linked server such as below, failed with the 7340 error (At the time these jobs were created I was unsure if there was a performance difference with the openquery() method. It does not appear to be any significant difference)

    FROM Linkname.servername.catalog.table AS derivedtbl_1

    I also noticed in the history that these jobs had first failed with 7340 before failing with 7302.

    I did some searching and found this link:

    where a user points out that simply opening the properties on the link 'fixes' the 7340 error. I opened then closed the properties window and the 'broken' jobs started to work. Obviously there is something going on here, but it is a bit mysterious.


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  • We're suffering from the same error now, albeit on sqlsrv2008 and on 64bit:

    [font="Courier New"]

    Msg 7340, Level 16, State 4, Procedure prcGETDATA, Line 39

    Cannot create a column accessor for OLE DB provider "IBMDASQL" for linked server "i5v5r4".[/font]

    Clicking on the properties of the linked server does indeed fix the problem for a while, which is mysterious, to say the least.

    Dropping and recreating the linked server does not get any results, the error perists, so I assume it has got to be something in the way the OLEDB IBMDASQL driver is being initialized or used.

    Another way to (temporarily) get rid of the error is to schedule an SSIS package, which transfers a few bits of dummy data in a data flow involving both the iSeries as well as the local SQL Server as data sources, but not using the linked server. This somehow initializes the IBMDASQL driver and gets the linked server working again.

    I'm really looking for a way to permanently fix this without having to click on the properties or running dummy packages...

  • Thanks! Worked like a charm.

  • Does anyone know if this was ever resolved? I can consistantly reproduce the error with 2008 R2 by restarting the server, and resolve by opening the Linked Server Object window with Management Studio. I am using IBMDA400 on a non-clustered server if these are significant.

    The system (not clustered) is being used for manually initiated tests only, so I do not know if the error could occur at other times.

    Rick Fisher

  • The highly questionable 'technique' of opening the properties worked. Since that time the issue has not recurred.


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  • thanks for response. did you mean management studio "open", or one of the 'code' suggestions. IF Micorsoft or IBM will ne resolve, I need an automatic solution, either at startup or perhaps after error detected.

  • Did you ever find a working solution for this? I am having the same issue 🙁

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