Line hight for barcode - font 3 of 9 Barcode

  • Kelvin Phayre

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    I am developing a GRN label print report and have installed font 3 of 9 Barcode.

    I want the barcode for the product to be stretched so you stand a good chance of scanning it.

    How do I double or even treble the height of this field. Changing font size etc just increase the width as well as depth. I just want more depth.

  • Daniel Bowlin


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    Simply widening the column it is in doesn't help? Also make sure you get rid of all padding for the textbox where the barcode is.

  • Kelvin Phayre

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    I've tried everything you've said. See code below.





    <Textbox Name="PRODUCT_1">




    <FontFamily>3 of 9 Barcode</FontFamily>















  • Daniel Bowlin


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    So, what are you getting? Just a small blob that can't be read? Also as I recall, some bar code fonts come with a font size built in. Can you try a different 39 font?

  • Kelvin Phayre

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    Looking at this I'm not sure its possible to do what I want.

    I tried using the same font in Excel and then trying to stretch the cells depth and the barcode did not stretch with the cell.

  • aframiller326


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  • delfinoharrison

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    For this, I had been using this and it's great.

    It has instructions which can help you.

    TechNitya BARCODE GENERATOR[/url]

    Just visit the site for more info.

    They also have a live support to help you with your questions/concerns.

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