Like that SSRS 2008 doesn't need IIS

  • We're building a new server from scratch - a combined small data warehouse and report server - so beginning with Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 is a no-brainer. But I like that SSRS won't require IIS on the machine. It 's generally thought of as BAD to run IIS on a database server, but we won't pony up for SQL Server Enterprise to allow running SSRS on a different server.

  • It will depend as what is your cost for upgrading. Cost is just not what you will be paying to microsoft but also the time it will take for DEV, DBA and QA team. Some companies can do over a weekend and some might take this as 8 week project.

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  • I am currently evaluating 2K8 and also trying to find the ultimate answer for this question. these are my thoughts:

    + Data compression. I think this is the most important reason to upgrade. We're running Axapta on a fast growing database with a lot of historical data. This is ideal for data compression

    + Backup compression. This is already the standard in third party backup tools. At last, it's in SQL Server

    + Mirroring. I like the feature that a corrupted database can be recovered by the mirrored database

    +/-New datatypes. Nice, but as long as these are not implemented in Applications this is "useless"

    on SSAS/SSRS I'll have to discover the new features.

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