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    Hi there!

    I have a question regarding licensing.  I have a corporate MSDN subscription where I can download all versions of SQL Server to include Enterprise versions.  They want to put SQL Server into production and are asking ME for the software...

    When I go into MSDN and download software, it says "no key required" when I download.  Are these software copies valid for production use?  Doesn't the company need to call up Microsoft and actually purchase something?

    I have never been on the licensing/payment side of the house, but they are asking me these questions... and I'm like aren't you guys paying for this? 😀  If my company has provided me a subscription that allows these downloads ... does that mean its paid for already?  I am thinking not...but I'm so confused on how this is supposed to work.


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    your company should contact Microsoft and/or one of their vendors and ask for that info.

    Regarding SQL server yes they do need to pay for it - MSDN SQL Server can't be used for production.


    But nothing you download under MSDN can be used for production environments except for the testing tools which are licensed under MSDN - and that is clear on the MSDN licensing terms for all products.

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