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  • It surprises me how little money a company is willing to invest in monitoring tools, just to answer these type of questions. And since I don't have historical data, I often have no clue about things happened the last night (as an example). So we have to use scripts and tools from the community. One tool I highly recommend is databasehealth from Steve Stedman. This tool answers most of your questions and already made my job a lot easier.

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  • Hi Wilfred,

    Thanks for your comment.  Actually, we have top notch monitoring tools where I work.  However, they don't retain the data for three months, which is what my process does (or however long you like), nor does it capture all the data that I want it to.  Therefore, I can capture visualizations going back perhaps a week or two at best on selected metrics, and even then, not in detail.

    Retaining the data over a longer period of time allows you to use SSRS or the reporting tool of your pleasure to not only visualize what has happened on your servers over the last several months, but to help to predict what will happen.  I will be describing in my next post how that works, and later on, how to report on it. For instance, one thing I track is database growth for the top ten databases across the enterprise.  One of them started showing a sharp spike that was at variance with its baseline data.  There was a legitimate reason why, but we could use the degree of growth as a  heads up to plan for expanding our drives, rather than being faced with a more imminent emergency.  Steve's stuff is great as well, and I am glad you enjoy it.

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